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Home cooked meals straight to you!

Roasted Chicken

About Us!

Hello! I'm Christy Brindle, the owner of Christy's Meal Prep!
I am located in Abita Springs, Louisiana and are super excited to share my business with you.
I love to cook and always believe that helping others is the best thing to do, and it sparked the idea for my business.  



Homemade Cooking!

Some may fear such businesses freeze their products and are never truly homemade, however, Christy's Meal Prep stays true to the acts of true home cooking. 
Freshly bought produce and meats are what our dishes are made with, being portioned and cooked with love.

We take requests for specific diets if need be, and all is taken into consideration during cooking.  

Delivery Hand Off
Cooking Lesson

Our Delivery! 

We service delivery in the Abita Springs, Mandeville, and Covington areas. All meals in delivery are taken care of in a timely matter, with hope of the fastest delivery to you!
There is a delivery fee, dependent of location, for drop-off ranging max of $8. 

Fresh Ingredients.

Fresh produce purchased semi-weekly to ensure quality food. 

Balanced Meals.

Meals can be portioned if desirable and will be balanced in starch, vegetables, and protein.
(Requests available) 

Doorstep Delivery

Every delivery will be dropped off secured with announcement of arrival. 
(In-hand trade off can be requested, as knocking or ringing the doorbell) 

What's Cooking

Try Our Specialties


Red Beans and Rice. 

This classic dish comes included with a side of potato salad and a slice of french bread. 


Shrimp and Mushroom Pasta.

This delight comes included with crab cakes. 


Pulled Pork Sandwich.

This barbeque favorite has the option to be with or without a bun among request, and has potato salad included. 

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